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Miami Executive and Life Coach Roman Oleh YaworskyMiami Executive and Life Coach Roman Oleh Yaworsky  








Improving the energy, enthusiasm and effectiveness of management, teams, corporations, working units and individuals at all levels.

We partner with management and executives to improve their performance and the effectiveness, aliveness, coherence and productivity of their company and staff.

We serve the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area for in-person and in-company coaching sessions, as well as our US and international clientele by phone.

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Companies Alive TM is unique in the depth of expertise and intervention modalities it has at its disposal, in their application to problem solving, and in an approach that does not create a wedge between management and employees.

Companies AliveTM originally began as Repatterning Associates TM in 2000. Since then, we have been focused on the means to unify and strengthen your company by enhancing the contribution and performance of your employees and by increasing the level of trust, honoring and willingness to risk towards better future directions and outcomes.

Our vision is to help companies become a more vital and productive workplace for everyone involved, including all levels of management and ownership.

Our conviction is that as the level of enthusiasm increases in the workplace, companies become more productive, attract more prospective customers, and the job environment becomes more fulfilling at all levels of the company.

More than anything else, it is the level of aliveness and creative effulgence expressed by the people of any company that acts as the magnet, drawing customers and results.

Let us help you move forward!


We are Results Focused

Our coaching and interventions are always tuned to the circumstances and build on an assessment of your unique needs and goals.

In addition to individual Executive Coaching sessions and support, we offer Instructional Group Trainings as well as trainings and coaching for Improving Team Dynamics. An initial meeting allows us to assess your needs and objectives, and to determine the optimal strategies for success.

We use a modular approach in our coaching and training. Each individual Executive Coaching Session stands on its own in terms of results.

Our approach focuses on practical results and achievable goals within trainings. We also use this approach when additional trainings or sessions are requested. Each is treated as a separate module, with its own set of realizable goals and a written proposal.

Our costing reflects the modular approach. We charge per completion of each module.

The Companies Alive TM team has a comprehensive skill set to take you, your department or your corporation forward towards optimal performance.

We discern where that enthusiasm is held back and offer both immediate results in shifting the dynamics and longer term solutions to improve upon the changes.

Our Coaching Team Can Make the Difference

Our team is unique in being able to draw on professionals with a solid background in management, conflict resolution and goal setting on the one hand and a mastery of non traditional interventions that can include corporate healing from shamanic traditions from the West, East and the Indigenous Americas. And yes, we even have a corporate astrologer on call.

Our coaching is equally effective for individuals, partnerships, teams and companies.

Managers can take advantage of our individual and group process skills. We have listed a number of areas in which we have had great success:

Individual Modalities to Enhance Effectiveness

Life Direction CoachingLife Direction Coaching

Life Coaching and Management CoachingLife Coaching for Management

Goal Setting for ManagementGoal setting

Individual coaching modalities for postive changeIndividual Processes for Change

Leadership traning and manangement counsellingLeadership training

Creative solutions for managementCreative solutions

Coaching for communications and deliveryCoaching for writers, performers
& communicators

Life Coaching for talents, challenges and creative blocksChallenges and Talents

Releasing blocks to creativityReleasing Blocks and Negative Patterns

Life coaching for effective presentation and deliveryCoaching for Effective Presentations

Groups Processes to Enhance Cohesion

Interventions for working teams and managementDirect Interventions

Resolving management conflictsConflict Resolution

Group processes for changed and transformationGroup Processes for Change

Resolving individual personality conflictsPersonality Conflict Resolution

Emplyer - employee relationsEmployee Relations

Improving comminication skillsCommunication Skills & Entrainment

Resolution of group and working team dynamicsResolving Individual & Group Dynamics

Corporate renewal and restructuringCorporate Renewal

Management and leadership consulting for corporate and administrative teamsManagement Consulting for Corporate Teams

Life coaching for couples, partnerships and management teamsLife Coaching for Partnerships
& Management Teams

Task and goal resolutionTask Resolution

Shifting the interaction and dynamics of groupsShifting the Dynamics of Groups and Group Process

Energy medicne and healing approaches to working teams and management groupsHealing Working Groups and Teams

Resolving group and management team negative experiencesResolution of Negative Experiences

Executive Workshops and Business Coaching Packages

We have been offering a range of workshops, many certified for continuing education and continuing education credits.

We can design workshops to directly meet your needs, goals and requirements.

Call us at 305 866 9396 or email us at to arrange a meeting

Companies Alive, Serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale


Dynamic Solutions for Management

We offer coaching, sessions, and energy medicine modalities that will move you and your team forward.

On an individual level, we work closely with executives and managers to improve their overall effectiveness and well being towards:

Stress Reduction Effective reduction of stress.

Creative and Alternative SolutionsAccessing creative and alternative responses to new situations.

Effectiveness in your professional and personal life.Greater clarity and effectiveness in your professional and personal life.

Re-integrating qualtities of successEnhancing the leadership qualities that helped you advance in the first place.

Resolving professional management dynamics.Resolving and releasing what holds you back in your professional life.

Effective developement of management abilitiesMastering your individual gifts, talents and abilities.

Dynamic Solutions for Your Team

Working closely with teams and departments, we can help to release those issues and tendencies that have held the team back by:

Improving trust and cohesiveness.Releasing issues that hold back group trust and cohesiveness.

Increasing enthusiasm and effecitveness of working groups and management teams.Regaining group enthusiasm, focus
& effectiveness.

Job performance and job satisfaction.Improving performance and job satisfaction.

Increasing the communication between management and staff through partnership and cohesivenessEnhancing communication, partnership and group cohesiveness.

Our approach is less invasive, faster, more cost effective and more direct than traditional counseling or coaching methods. Companies Alive TM is flexible to apply those solutions that are the most effective with respect to cost and time.

In dealing with individual and corporate issues, we work under the strictest confidence and trust.

Life Coaching for Individuals and Partnerships in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

We offer Life Coaching and processes for change that are rooted in sound management practices on the one hand, with very effective modalities that support healing, shift and inner transformation

Individual Life Coaching

We offer Life Coaching and processes for change to support executives, not only in refining and improving their professional performance, but also in resolving and optimizing their personal life.

We have had great success helping managers find creative solutions; their inner spark. We have a great depth of experience life coaching artists, members of the creative community and performers, actors and live television professionals.

Coaching for Partnerships and Work Teams

Our interaction with partnerships and working teams is non-judgmental and focused on positive outcomes. We can help you discern what may holding your team back and we can work interactively to help you sift the working dynamics forward towards greater effectiveness.

Energy Medicine and Healing for Individuals and Corporate Teams

If your past experiences with motivation workshops and leadership training pep talks for your management team have been largely ineffective, then why don't you try something that does work and has a highly successful track record.

We have had great success with directed intervention towards positively shifting the dynamics of groups and group processes by working directly with the energy, communication patterns and blocks that tend to accumulate in the workplace.

Let us help you resolve negative experiences, work place incompatibilities and the consequences of structural changes.

The following modalities are available to support both individuals and teams to move forward:

Application of energy medicine for managementEnergy Medicine

Energy Medicine and Healing Modalites for managementEnergy Healing Modalities for Groups

Resonance Repatterning for shifting the dynamics of management teams and corporate groupsResonance Repatterning® for Individuals and Groups

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