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Miami Executive and Life Coach Roman Oleh Yaworky

Roman Oleh Yaworsky
Corporate Dynamics Assessment
Life Coaching

Make the Most of Your Most Valuable Assets.

"It is not enough to claim that your staff and employees are your most important asset. How are you optimizing their performance to move your company forward?"
                                                              Roman Oleh Yaworsky

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An Innovative Approach

Roman Oleh Yaworsky has pioneered innovative approaches to enable and free the dynamics and effectiveness of management teems and working groups.

He holds many hats, as an executive coach, author, consultant, speaker and educator,  drawing on years of experience as a life coach, mentor, spiritual advisor and counselor.  Roman holds formal degrees in Biochemistry and Medical Illustration and has extensive training in several intervention systems, including Resonance Repatterning® , energy medicine and the native healing traditions of the Americas.

In addition to his strong foundation in coaching, Roman is no stranger to deadlines and the pressures of teamwork and production. Before becoming a business and life coach, he served as an art director for a major university for over 20 years. He also holds decades of experience as an executive, spiritual and life coach.

Roman's latest publication: Being Centered, has been described as a 'life coach in a book'.

It is a practical and innovative guide to reconnecting to your core, will and power. The book identifies both the obstacles and the opportunities for growth, within an insightful and highly practical context. Published 2007, SpiritUnleashed, Miami, archival binding, 273 pages.

In the last fifteen years Roman has formulated a means of identifying the interactive resonant patterns within corporations and departments that reveal not only their strengths and challenges, but where the improvements are hiding; where the right effort is most likely to bring success.

You can order Being Centered:

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Corporate Dynamics Assessment
Improving the dynamics of work groups and administrative communication.

Interactive Coaching Workshops
Innovative Corporate Workshops emphasizing breakthrough alternative and practical approaches to help executives, corporations and groups shift to their core strengths. Many  have been certified for continuing education and continuing education credits.

The C.O.R.E. TM Principle
 Roman Oleh Yaworsky has developed both a method and instrument to help workgroups and companies regain their vitality, power and forward momentum towards success.

Life Direction Coaching
Determining the optimal directions for success for executives and companies. This differs significantly from traditional coaching, in that it reveals and refines what works best, rather than wasting valuable time by focusing on improving what may not have been the more optimal choice.

Improving the Effectiveness of Presentations
Roman combines his extensive former background as an art director (University of Toronto) and presenter on the one hand with his experience with energy work and the dynamics of communication to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your presentations.