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Preparing Your Company to Meet the Demands of the Future

Support for Executives and Managers

The Companies Alive TM team has a comprehensive skill set to take you, your department or your corporation forward towards more optimal performance. We can help unlock and release the vitality and enthusiasm of your team. We can help you move forward and make that proactive leap to realign, optimize and integrate with the qualities that helped you advance in the first place.

We can also determine and resolve the issues and dynamics that may be holding you back in your professional life and that may be affecting your personal life as well.

Take advantage of our multi-level approach.

We connect the dots other people miss.


Improving Teams and Departments

We focus on what works.

We avoid blame, searching for superficial causes, applying 'Band-Aid' solutions or un-productive pep talks. We focus on the issues at hand, towards real solutions and honest communication that honors the contribution of management and staff. 

As a result, we invite a high level of trust and cooperation towards resolution that can significantly shift the dynamics of teams.

If your group is getting stuck in communication, enthusiasm, trust or effectiveness, we can help to bring it back to more optimal functioning.

Re-Enlivening Companies
Companies Alive TM can help bring back the level of energy, aliveness and enthusiastic cooperation that draws success. We can intervene at the whole company level or with its components in a way that is non-destructive or threatening to staff, while strengthening coherence and trust.

We offer coaching, support and intervention for executive managers and companies undergoing personnel changes as a result of re-organization, mergers, takeovers and closings.



New Tools and Solutions for Corporations

We have established workshops, presentations and interactive group processes that focus on the results and skills that can actually move your corporation forward. We offer real results, not the annual morale boosting pep talk.

Transformative Workshops and Coaching for Your Team
We offer a series of interactive workshops for management and employees that promote a key understanding of personal and interpersonal dynamics.

Learn to identify your limiting patterns in productivity, communication and effectiveness and take practical steps towards improved cooperation, clarity, directness and trust.

We developed these unique workshops ourselves. We are able to modify their scope to best support the needs of your situation.

Interactive Workshops and Solutions for Management
We also offer a series of interactive workshops for management and management teams that promote a key understanding of the growth, interaction and development of a company in relation to its core.

These series of workshops are based on the C.O.R.E.TM Principle, developed by Roman Oleh Yaworsky. It uncovers the dynamics of your company from the perspective of owning and honoring its real power, integrity, and trust.


We are available to assist you both at the individual, team and corporate level.

Our in-person clients are primarily in  the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach locations..

We also support US and international  clients by phone.

We apply the tools that work! Results matter.

Contact us and schedule a meeting to find out how we can help you and your company move forward:

Email us at
or call us directly at 305 866 9396 

We look forward to assisting you.